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If you are fully qualified for a mortgage, EXPERT MORTGAGE can offer you some of the lowest rates in the industry! We have access to both fixed and variable rate mortgage products that blow the competition out of the water!

If you are not fully qualified to borrow from an institution, then I can draw upon our network of OVER 400 PRIVATE LENDERS, many of which will provide you with first, second, and third mortgages.

Posted RateTermOur Rates*
4.79%5 Year Fixed Rate2.89%
3.00%5 Yr Variable2.05%

About Us

Expert Mortgage is one of Ontario's leading mortgage brokerage firms, offering seamless solutions to all your mortgage needs. Whether you want to buy a new home, set up a business or even refinance an existing loan or mortgage, we offer you the perfect solution to cater to your specific requirement.

Surveys show that INTIMIDATION is the top complaint expressed by mortgage applicants. Expert Mortgage has been in business under the same ownership since 1989. Our clients with straightforward credit applications are guaranteed the lowest mortgage rates in Canada without tons of paperwork. With access to privately invested money, we avoid banks and secure mortgages for people with bad credit or cash income. We provide first, second, and third mortgages. We can even help if you are months behind on your mortgage payments and the bank is ready to take your house!

With historic low interest rates, now is the time to purchase your dream home or investment property or refinance and lower your mortgage. Call me now at 519-755-1904 and let us show you how you can save $$

Most mortgage brokers hide behind voice mail or disappear after hours. I answer the phone 7 days a week, forwarding to my cell phone after hours. I am always accountable to you, my client, if you have any questions or concerns about your application.

Your Expert Mortgage Advantage

Most mortgage agents choose lenders based on the commissions they pay. Expert Mortgage always chooses the lender with the lowest interest rate.

The VAST MAJORITY of mortgage agents must search desperately for private money if you have bad credit or cash income. Expert Mortgage also has quick access to financing from its network of private investors. Other mortgage agents even work with Expert Mortgage for private money, resulting in fee duplication to unsuspecting clients. Our ability to offer private financing without proof of income makes Expert Mortgage your first choice. Expert Mortgage closely monitors all of its agents to ensure competent mortgage placement and ethical conduct.

What Does Expert Mortgage Offer?

  • Second and Third Mortgages up to 100%
  • Construction & Renovation Loans
  • Farm, Cottage, Raw Land, Lots
  • BUSINES LOANS, Venture Capital
  • Vehicle & Equipment Leasing
  • PRIVATE IN-HOUSE FUNDS for quick turnaround time

What Services Do I Offer You?

  • Appointments Available
  • Agriculture Mortgages
  • Farm loans
  • Emergency loans
  • Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Foreclosure Services
  • Home Loans
  • Bad Credit
  • Lending
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Second Mortgage
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consultation
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Mortgage Rates
  • Equity Loans
  • Bad Credit Finance
  • Private Funds
  • First Mortgage
  • Low-Rate Mortgages
  • Personal Bankruptcy
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Private Deals
  • Mortgage

 Expert Mortgage Corporate Head Office

EXPERT MORTGAGE. Licence #12079.

  • Corporate Office - Milton, ON. T. 647.724.8100 | F. 1.866.273.5436
  • GTA East Office - 1880 O'Connor Drive, Suite #304. Toronto, ON. M4A 1W9
  • GTA West Office - Location TBA. Opening 2014
  • Peterborough Office - 261 Parkhill Road West, Peterborough, ON. K9H 3H6
  • Expert Mortgage Information Kiosks - Trails End Market - 4370 Dundas Street East, London, ON. N0M 2P0
  • Expert Mortgage Information Kiosks - Dr. Flea's Flea Market - 6 Westmore Drive, Toronto, ON. M9V 3Z7

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